The guideline for pressure vessels PED 2014/68/EU is the successor of the PED 97/23/EG and the ‘Rules for equipment under pressure’. This guideline applies to pressure equipment that has a maximum of 0,5 bar. The manufacturer of this equipment is obligated to design and inspect these products corresponding to the demands set in standards, for instance like the EN13445 and ASME VIII Div. 1 and 2.

Stress engineering of a process-reactor, pressure vessel or shell and tube heat exchanger
During the design phase Titan Projects prefers to make strength calculations following the most recent laws and regulations. Based on our knowledge and experience we search for the optimal lifespan, construction and costs ratio. Such calculations can also be made for existing equipment.

When a production process changes, for example a change in temperature or pressure, most of the time this directly influences the process equipment. Our Stress Engineers make calculations to check whether the current equipment still suffices under the new conditions. The production process continues safely afterwards, with or without adjustments.

Not only a change in the production process makes calculations necessary, but also the moment equipment reaches the end of its theoretical lifespan. It might be possible, by means of research and additional calculations, to expand the lifespan of pressure equipment. Besides that, it is also possible to determine whether renovation of pressure holding equipment is economically profitable and what the new lifespan is expected to be, based on thorough calculations.

Calculations based on EN13445, ASME VIII div. 1 and 2, AD-2000, RTOD, PD5500 and/or TEMA
Titan Projects has a variety of possibilities to perform calculations for pressure vessels. These calculations can be made according to various standards. The table below shows the possibilities for standards and software:

Besides using the most actual software, our broad practical experience, excellent substantive knowledge and the control over the different design codes ensures that you and your colleagues can work safely.