Titan Projects does not only deliver turn-key projects and process equipment, we are also able to manufacture and deliver various parts that can keep a plant moving. We, like no other, know how important it is to minimize the period that any production process comes to a standstill.
Yearly production pauses need to be avoided as much as possible. That is the reason to use high quality products and the reason that planned plant-stops (turn arounds) are organized. Titan Projects understands that and therefor delivers the best products in a realistic delivery team.

Examples are:
• Special ring joint gaskets (for example in zirconium or Alloy C276)
• Plate packages (316L)
• Adapter shafts (Titanium Gr. 7)
• Welding compositions

For more information about our specials, please feel free to contact us by using the form, telephone or e-mail.