Over the years Titan Projects gained experience in the design, fabrication, installation and maintenance of shell and tube heat exchangers. Our heat exchangers are used for miscellaneous applications in the chemical and petrochemical industry. We are the best partner when it comes to newly built systems, replacements and repair of heat exchangers. Our experience concerns, amongst other things, special types of shell and tube heat exchangers, like, for instance, floating head, tube in tube, finned tube, etcetera.

Specific applications of our heat exchangers are:
– Vapor/steam – Liquids
– Liquids – Liquids
– Gas – Liquids
– Condensors
– Economizers
– Heat recovery

We design and produce our heat exchangers under PED 2014/68/EU, EN 13445, ASME VIII div. 1 and 2, including U-stamp AD-2000 and TEMA. This way we do not only pay attention to the mechanical design and the quality we provide, but also to the process and the efficiency of heat exchange. Our broad experience and the insights enable us to design, heat-exchange solutions that fully meet your demands.

When Titan Projects designs and manufactures heat exchangers, we use modern techniques. We are qualified for orbital welding of pipe-tubesheet connections. Titan Projects is also researching optimalization of rolled pipe-tubesheet connections focusing on pull-out strength, leakage way, vibrations and corrosion. We have extensive experience with processing high quality alloys in our exchangers like:
– Titan Gr2, Gr12, Gr16
– Nickel-alloys, Alloy 625, Hastelloy C22, C276, Alloy 59, Monel 400
– Copper Nickel alloys, Cunifer 90/10
– High quality stainless steel, duplex, superduplex and super austenites

Commissioned by our clients we offer (when applicable) competitive high quality seamless titanium tubes from China. This tube is delivered following ASTM (and additional specifications by Titan Projects). On top of that there are additional demands concerning the production process, in between cleaning and final purchase. The whole process is closely monitored by our QC-department.

We do not just offer newly built or replacement heat exchangers. Titan Projects is also capable of giving new life to an already existing exchanger. We have experienced engineers, welders and external mechanics ready to renovate your exchanger on site. Think about re-tubing, replacing shells and nozzles, welding up local affects and re-examination.

For more information about shell and tube heat exchangers, please feel free to contact us by using the form, telephone of e-mail.