When we talk about process vessels at Titan Projects, we actually talk about pressure holding equipment for the process industry in the broadest sense of the word. In that case it concerns high quality equipment for the chemical industry, the petrochemical industry (oil and gas) and the food industry. Titan Projects obtained a lot of experience over the last decades in design, fabrication, installation and maintenance of various pressure holding equipment in a broad variety of high-quality materials, process circumstances and functionality, for example:

• Reactors (one should think about mixing reactors and half-coil reactors)
• Columns (like absorbers and strippers)
• Vacuum vessels and mixers
• Heat exchangers and condensors
• Evaporators and crystallizers

Titan Projects is able to offer the best solution for our clients with a low cost of ownership, based on expertise, practical experience and cooperation within a team of enthusiastic engineers. We think along with our relations to achieve the best thinkable result. From application to commissioning.

In the design process we also take into account:
• Functionalities like hygiene and operationality
• Medium properties like corrosivity, viscosity and abrasavity
• Process conditions like pressure, temperature, cyclist changes and dilates
• Design codes like the EN13445, ASME VIII Div. 1 and 2, AD 2000 and TEMA
• Properties of the site, like wind load and other wheather conditions, seismic stress
• Aspects like safety, environment and sustainability

We guarantee that equipment designed and manufactured by Titan Projects does what it is supposed to do during the time it was designed to do its function.

Based on all design aspects we advise, when applicable, what the best choice of materials is, so we can guarantee safety, durability and functionality. Titan Projects has the knowledge, experience and features the necessary certifications to process various materials and combinations of materials. The design and manufacturing process is guided by International Welding Engineers (IWE).
to meet the highest possible quality requirements. Besides that, we do targeted research into the behaviour of materials under specific circumstances. With our knowledge and experience theoretically and practically, nothing is left to chance.

An economical approach that involves smart use of high-quality materials (the right place and the right amount) is of paramount experience to Titan Projects. Using techniques like cladwelding or explosion cladding, a wear resistant or corrosion resistant layer can be created. Titan Projects is very experienced in this field and therefore able to advise extensively and knowledgeably.
The production possibilities at Titan Projects are infinite. We have over fifty years of experience with high quality equipment building and the use of a broad variety of materials:

• Weight up to 60 tons
• Diameter up to 12.800 mm
• Material thickness up to 70 mm
• Rolling up to 30 mm and 3.000 mm wide
• Submerged Arc Welding
• Worldwide shipping solutions
• PED H1
• ASME U-stamp
• Materials varying from carbon steel to zirconium

These possibilities aside, Titan Projects is also connected to a network of qualified suppliers for mechanical processes, building piping and thin-walled equipment building. Titan Projects has its own cleanroom for the production of titanium and its own qualified welders that work following the strictest and most actual standardization. We have our own quality assurance team working with the most modern inspection methods to safeguard the quality of the production process as good as possible.