CFWS System (Centrifugal Force Wet Scrubber)

Titan Projects has the solution if there is the need to deal with a gas stream with solid particles or when there are particles that can be dissolved and need to be removed from an exhaust flow, a vapor or gas stream. With our cyclone scrubber we are able to remove all kinds of particles from a gas stream with great efficiency and, when needed, concentrate it in the scrubbing medium and re-use it in the process again afterwards.

Our gaswashers
• Low pressure drop
• No moving parts
• Easy to clean
• High efficiency
• Applicable in very corrosive surroundings
• Applicable for regaining energy and raw materials (zero waste)

Structure of the gas washer CFWS
• Tangential inlet
• Centrifugal separation of heavy parts
• Lighter particles stream upwards
• Washwater inlet
• Gas/liquid contact zone where gasstream is washed
• Demisting zone
• Scubwater outfall

The benefits of our CFWS-system
No internal moving parts
Depending on the gasses that need to be washed and the particles that need to be caught, we determine what is the best choice of materials for the construction. The system is delivered standardized in a suitable material The construction itself is completely welded without moving parts.

The system is self-cleaning
When the system does not receive polluted gas, it is cleaned by the scrubwater.

Chances of clogging are nihil
To reduce the chance of clogging, the system is designed in a way that there are no small openings. Neither do we use spraynozzles that could get clogged. This way we can apply a concentrated medium.

Maintenance free
Because no moving parts are used in the design the whole system is maintenance free. The right choice of materials also makes sure that the system is corrosion free and can be used by extreme high temperatures.

Product recovery
Our scrubbers can be used to recover product from the primary process. The gas wash liquids can be recycled up to a certain grade of saturation, whereafter it can be reinjected in the process in a controlled way.

Heat recovery
By applying gas and liquids in counter current it is possible to absorb gasses. But also heat will be taken in by the medium. That heat can be guided back into the system in several ways. This way not only can we prevent dust or gas emissions but we can also reduce heat emission.

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