Sustainable technology, environmental technology

Titan Projects technology to benefit environment and sustainability
We all know that we, citizens and organizations, need to be economical and respectful towards the things we take from the earth and the things we return to the earth. Titan Projects thinks it is extremely important to substantially contribute to that by providing our technology and together with our clients, develop projects that reduce negative effects on the environment and our earth as much as possible. Our technologies aim to regain valuable raw materials for the process and our technologies strive for zero-emission.

In many processes there are several emission points, for example gas emissions. Most of the time this concerns emissions from harmless gas or vapor with polluting components in the shape of solid particles, liquids or polluting gasses. For cleaning gas emissions, we have a broad variety of solutions, like:
• Highly efficient cyclones
• Multistage cyclones
• Cyclonic scrubbers
• Spray scrubbers
• Contact scrubbers
• Absorbers
• Demisting cyclones

For every emission there is a good solution and, in many cases, the optimal effect can be achieved with a combination of technologies. In a process like that it is of course possible to regain valuable raw materials or heat.

While extracting oil and gas there is often mixtures of oil, gas, water, pollution and solids like sand involved. With our state-of-the-art separation technologies, we are able to separate hydrocarbons with the maximum possible result and deliver practically clean water. The technologies we have to offer are:
• Production separators
• Hydrocylones
• Sand cyclones
• Coalsescers
• Electro coalescers
• Polishing vessels

All our process-solutions are developed together with In2sep and are produced in-house. We guarantee the best result.

Almost any process has to deal with waste streams and waste water. Water more and more becomes a scarce product. Companies focus more often and more intensely on how to carefully deal with water and the way to conserve it for the process. When water streams are polluted, and aerobe or anaerobe cleaning do not work we offer systems that can regain all the water for the process or make it safely flowback to the surface water with our evaporation technologies and crystallization technologies. Besides regaining clean water with our advanced systems, we are also capable of extracting solid minerals for re-use or selling.
This means that companies can not only save money with the drainage of a wasted stream, but also, they can save money or even make money with valuable solids.
Technologies we have to offer in our ZLD-systems are:
• Failing Film Evaporator
• Forced circulation evaporators and crystallizers
• Thermo Recompression Technology (TVR)
• Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR)
• Decanters
• Centrifugal separation
• Pulse filtration

With our technologies we are able to win back sodium sulphate from a process for nickel hydroxide. We offer appliances for regaining all kinds of salts and sulphates or combinations. Our ZLD-systems are always designed for maximum efficiency with a low OPEX. That we use as much rest warmth as we can, speaks for itself.