Over the past decades Titan Projects has developed into a renowned designer and manufacturer of top-quality pressure equipment. In this field of expertise, we specialize in solutions for the chemical and petrochemical industry.

With our knowledge of manufacturing requirements and the use of materials and process-technology we think alongside our clients at all possible levels. Our solutions do not only function optimal but are also designed with an eye for durability and sustainability.

Titan Projects is familiar with the specific regulations and requirements for the products that prominent companies in this sector of business require.

Based on your needs we are always willing to advise you on not just the best choice of materials but also on the optimal construction, effective heat exchange and the ultimate conditions to successfully complete any industrial process you have.

Besides careful designing and manufacturing, the safety of your employees and ours is a crucial part of our approach.

Titan Projects’ qualified professionals enable our projects to be realized while following the strictest design codes and regulations. No matter whether it concerns prefab or an on-site project. We can handle about 60.000 kilograms and there is no product or material too hard to handle for us.

The most important reasons for the offshore energy industry to set strict requirements for the design and manufacturing of parts and equipment is for the safety of humans and animals as well as the impact on the environment. Titan Projects has broad experience with these requirements. Whether it is about process vessels in duplex for a production platform, components in Titan Grade 5 for ‘Sub-Sea’-purposes or complex piping for platforms or underwater usage, Titan Projects is the partner you want on your side.

Besides manufacturing individual components or equipment for this sector, we also have broad experience with the design of separation systems. Together with the company In2sep we provide turn-key installations for the separation of:
• oil and water
• sand and water
• gas and water

For these separation technologies, Titan Projects developed ‘internals’ that are known to be the most efficient available in the world. Examples of these state-of-the-art internals are:
• Desanding systems
• Hydrocyclones
• Desanding cyclones
• Inlet devices
• Coaleshers
• Plate packs
• Degassing devices
• Demisting cyclones

Amongst other things, our know how and process-efficiency allow us to design the whole cleaning process in a compact way. This means that size and weight and therefore the price for high pressure vessels is strongly reduced.

Titan Projects has decades of experience in delivering turn-key solutions for specific equipment building and pipe systems for the offshore energy industry. We have all the necessary knowledge to accomplish the cleaning process for oil and gas with turn-key high-pressure vessels. We perform strength calculations that meet the highest requirements of the designcodes. We are well-informed about the latest developments and we are familiar with processing a wide variety of (exotic) materials. It is one of the reasons Titan Projects is hired all over the world to perform quality-inspections on materials and systems.

A good example of the possibilities of the solutions we have to offer is the way we manufactured several high-pressure vessels for an oil-company over the last period. This example concerned a full-size project with internal cyclones for the separation of oil, sand and water. Separators like this are used to separate crude oil that just evolved from the earth, from the salty water and sand. Taking in account the (high) design pressure, combined with the high wearing values (salt, water and sand) we chose to work in the extremely hard material Inconel 625. Since this is a very expensive material, we used carbon steel P355 with an Inconel 625 cladlayer at the process-side to realize a corrosion resistant layer.

The company Heerema relied on Titan Projects to take charge in the fabrication, inspection and installation of all piping for the largest gas platform of its kind in the world. This way we made a significant contribution to the construction of the mobile platform in field F3-FA with a height of more than 130 meters. This project took over a year to build and Titan Projects has shown that it does not back away from complex challenges.

Titan Projects also has a big share in the food industry. Increasingly higher demands are placed on this sector resulting in more and more restrictions for the use of regular materials, such as AISI 304 and AISI 316. We already assisted a lot of companies in the field of metallurgy and corrosion.

It is not only aggressive substances that are a threat to the production process, but there is also a variation of impacts. Temperature in combination with high pressure may cause fatigue. With all our knowledge and expertise in the field of material selection, calculations (including FEM) as well as production and welding methods, we are able to design equipment that withstands these changing conditions.

Process-equipment and devices for the food and beverage industry are vital in our supply chain. Our professionals know what requirements are in place for these products, therefore we can always offer the best solution.

Titan Projects offers components, semi-finished products and turn-key solutions for this industry. Solutions like these are made in stainless steel, duplex or other (always high quality) materials.

The production possibilities with Titan Projects are infinite. We have over fifty years of experience with high quality equipment building made from the most diverse materials.

• Weight up to 60 tons
• Diameter up to 12.800 mm
• Material thickness up to 70 mm
• Rolling up to 30 mm and 3.000 mm wide
• Submerged Arc Welding
• Worldwide shipping solutions
• PED H1
• ASME U-stamp
• Materials varying from carbon steel to zirconium

Titan Projects is being connected to a network of qualified suppliers for mechanical processes, building piping and thin-walled equipment building. Titan Projects has its own cleanroom for the production of titanium and qualified welders capable of working with the strictest and most actual standardization. We have our own quality service that works with the most contemporary inspection methods to safeguard the quality of the production process.

Titan Projects has experience with and is qualified to work with a variety of materials and combinations of materials following, for example, the EN, the JIS and the ASME code. We have the most actual qualifications in the industry. When special situations ask for it, we are always ready to provide and willing to retrieve additional qualifications.

Titan Projects is certified, experienced and highly knowledgeable in manufacturing pressure equipment for the global market. Over decades we are ISO9001 certified and this creates the backbone of our continuously improving quality system and our high-quality standards. Based on this we successfully obtained the certification according PED 2014/68/EU, procedure H/H1, the EN 3834-2 and ASME U-stamp. Our focus on quality is supported by dedicated, experienced and highly qualified craftmanship which has proved its capabilities over many years. Equipment advised, designed and fabricated by Titan Projects is guaranteed to suit its purpose for a long lifespan.

Titan Projects is able to design pressure equipment according to the following design codes:
• ASME BPVC VIII div2, div2, div3
• EN13445
• AD2000

Our certifications and experience in several design codes make us a qualified and reliable partner to produce specialized pressure equipment that can be supplied all around the globe including North America, Canada, China (Manufacture License of Special Equipment People’s Republic of China), Japan and Australia.

Titan Projects is U-stamp certified since February 2021. With this certification we are able to deliver on U-stamp certified products that answer to the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Codes (ASME BPVC’s).

The BPVC’s are invoked to make sure that designing, manufacturing and the inspection of pressure vessels and boilers follow the requirements. These demands are worldwide accepted and are even obligated in most States in the United States and Canada. The quality assurance that comes with the Certificate of Authorization, makes sure we are well-informed on the latest demands for our equipment and to ensure the rules are being followed.

Titan Projects offers a broad variety of products. Think about complex reactor vessels and heat-exchangers of exotic materials, but also about simple vessels made out of stainless steel.

Titan Projects has clients all over the world. Since our company is situated next to open waters, we are able to ship our products easily internationally. We can handle dimensions up to 12,8 meters in diameter and up to 60 tons in weight.