Titan Projects has the answer to complicated technical questions in the field of equipment- and system building for the process industry. The demand for high quality, reliable products and systems is increasing. Products well researched, designed and manufactured with the greatest craftmanship. Products with an eye for the environment and other circumstances. But, above all, products and systems that do what they promise to do. Those products are the products of Titan Projects.
We believe in technological, sustainable solutions.
Our clients from all over the world are reaching out to us for our knowledge, professionalism and experience. Sometimes just an advice will do, but most of the time they reach out for equipment of complete systems.
We process the best materials and techniques that are available to us in the most intelligent way. This approach, combined with our expertise, experience and efficient use of energy, makes it possible to offer a low cost of ownership to our clients. We pail this method to a minimal impact on the environment.
All our work is based on our core-values (in random order): quality, innovation, sustainability, transparency, craftmanship.


Titan Projects is a dynamic company. We help our clients with our solutions for complicated technical issues. The quality of our work, our constant strive to innovation and development, built on a foundation of knowledge, experience and passion for our work, made us a leader in our sector. We aim to hold on to and expand that position to make Titan Projects the important player on the global market it deserves to be.